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The over 600 year old village called Utersum is in the west of the island Föhr. When you’re coming to Föhr you disembark in Wyk. On your way to Utersum you have to cross the whole island. Utersum is one of the most favoured resorts of Föhr.

Utersum is very family-friendly. There is a delightful sandy beach with a tide-way in front of it and that’s why you always have water for bathing or surfing. This isn’t standard at Föhr. Next to the Beach there is a dog beach and the surfing area. You have a brilliant view on the neighbouring islands Amrum and Sylt. The sunset in Utersum is one of the famous in Germany. On summer evenings there are lots of people at the beach to see this wonder of nature.

The old thatched houses are characteristic of the old village. These thatched roofs you can find all over the island, too, but in the last years in Utersum were build numerous new buildings with this traditional kind of roof. If you wish to be on holiday in such a house, you can do so. Many oft these houses are for hire.

In Utersum the Friesian culture is a part of the daily life. All “original inhabitants” speak the Friesian language just as well the “common German”.One of the first Friesian phrases which you will hear is: “ Hartelk welkimen üüb det green eilun! ” It’s easy to translate, it means: “ Hearty welcome on the green island! “

One of the most famous Friesian ancient customs is the “Biike”.On every 21. February there are lots of very big bonfires on the islands and along the northern Friesian coast. In the past these fires where a part of the leave-taking from the whalers. Today this is a traditional folk festival. A standard part of this is a typical diner called “Grünkohlessen”. But if you want to have a seat in one of the numerous restaurants in Utersum, you should make your reservation for this day.

Another Friesian tradition is the “Ringreiten”. This is a sport where the horseman from the island present her ability with the horses and try to catch a small ring which is hanging one a line.

In Utersum you have various possibilities to spend your spare time. You can stay at the wonderful beach or you can go surfing. In Utersum you can find a tennis court and the next golf course is located in Wyk. You can do various tours over the island by bike and shouldn’t miss Hedehusum, a district of Utersum. Because of the good climate and the salty air there is a rehabilitation clinic at Utersum. In our online event-calendar you can find lots of activities, too.

In our „Haus des Gastes“ which you can find directly next to the beach, tourists get all necessary information. If you like to hire a beach chair or buy some ice, chips and small diner you find these services, too.

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